Angel Food

About to leave with some of our men from the church to go and pack up boxes so that we can distribute Angel Food. Angel Food ministries is a way for people to buy food at a low cost. I never did understand it before till I moved here but now I can see how wonderful a ministry it is.  It allows our church to be a part of something great and allows us to make connections with people in our community.

Also tomorrow morning we will be continuing our sermon series on The Purpose of the Church: Motivating People to Serve. I hope that if you are in our area that you will stop by visit with us.

Love you all

Bro. Henry

We Are On The Air

Ok!!! So officially we are not on the air but we are on the internet.  I have added to our church website a link for people to listen to sermons that have been preached at our church. We have Sunday Morning and Night. If you would like to listen to some of our sermons you can either go our website at to and click on the link under the announcements or you can go there directly by clicking on this link  Please feel free to leave us a comment when you stop by to listen

Have a good night, love you dearly

Bro. Henry

It’s Getting Good!!!

I am truly excited over what God is doing and will be doing at Trinity Baptist. I can honestly say that it feels good to be in a church where people want to serve and worship God. As we sang praises to His Name yesterday I could not help but think about that old advertisement that NBC had out when they were trying to get people to watch one of their soaps. It would say something like this: “Watch Days of our Lives, its getting good!!” Just as NBC said that about their soap, I can honestly say about our church, “Come and see what God is doing at TrinityBaptist, It’s getting good.” Great things will happen when the people of God seek Him with all their heart. Have a good afternoon Love you all Bro. Henry

“I was glad when they said to me….”

As I sit here in my office going over the sermon that I will be preaching this morning, I could not help but reflect on what David said in Psalm 122:1,  “I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” 

David was excited to be in the house of the Lord His God so that he could worship Him. The question we must ask ourself is when Sunday rolls around, are looking at it with dread because we have to go to church or are we looking at it with excitement so that we might have a chance to worship God and fellowship with other believers.

If you have lost that excitement about coming to the house of the Lord, let me encourage you to ask God to stir that excitement within you once again. Going to church should not be faced with dread but instead with a desire to be able to worship God and hear the message that He has for you.

Have a good Sunday,

Love you all

Bro. Henry

New Beginnings!!

Sherri and I have really been enjoying living in Bonham. It does not matter where we go or who we see, everyone is friendly.  God has also blessed us with a good place to serve at Trinity. We are truly excited for what God will have in store for us there.

Please keep checking back us with as I will be posting updates and even my thoughts.

In Christ,

Bro. Henry