Reality of Hell

Reality of Hell

 The rich man also died and was buried. In hell,where he was in torment Luke 16:22b-23a

 HELL!!! A word we don’t want to really talk about nor is it a message we really want to hear. We love to focus on the love of God but when it comes to Hell we would rather avoid it. We can ignore it, run from it and even avoid it but Hell does exist. Since Hell does exist, my only thought is why aren’t we as believers motivated to share our faith more. I believe the reason is because we don’t grasp its full reality. Through out scripture we are told that this is a place of torment but yet it does not move us. I wonder what it would take. Would God have to take all of us and allow us to experience Hell so that we would know what happens to those who reject Him? Would He have to allow us to feel its pain and torment so that it would bring us to our knees over those who do not KNOW Him? What would it take for us to want to see people come to know Jesus Christ? Hell is real my friends!! May the reality of Hell bring us to our knees!!! May we find our hearts burden over our family, friends, co-workers. May we seek to find ways to share with them the Gospel of Salvation!!!! “Lord, wake us up!!! Help us to have a desire to see people come to know Jesus Christ.”

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