Update At Trinity

Good Morning!!!

I hope this finds everyone doing well.  As you can see we have almost made it through another week. This week has been a blessing from the Lord.

Last week, we had the snow, ice and cold weather but this week we have had the blessed sunshine. When I think about the Sunshine breaking through the icy cold weather, I can’t help but think of how the blessed Sunshine of Christ broke through the sin in our lives to bring us Salvation.  We all once were in the dark but thanks to Him, He has brough us into the Light.

I truly hope that you have been enjoying the blogs that I have been writing. I strive to put things on here that will bring you encouragement and things to help you grow in  your faith.

God has been doing great things at Trinity Baptist. In Decemeber we had three to join the church, one to redeicate her life. So far this year we have had 3 to join the church as well.  Just recently we started children’s church during the morning service and starting this Sunday Evening, our church will begin choir practice. It is the desire of our Music Director to get so many people in there that we have to get more people in the audience.

In a couple of weeks on Wednesday night we will be starting a children’s choir with my wife as the leader.  Our goal in starting this is to have a way that we can minister to children. On March 1 we will be conducting a prayer walk within our community. Praying for each house plus passing out information for our children’s choir and other activities at the church.

God is truly working in our midst but I truly believe that this is only the beginning. Please be in prayer for our church as God continues to move.

Loving you

Bro. Henry

Real Pastoring and Preaching

When I was a kid it was amazing what I thought being a preacher was. I thought it would be my time to tell everyone what they had to do and how they had to do it and how I even thought I could even name, names behind the pulpit.

When I finally became a pastor, I realized that view of thinking was wrong and after some years of experience I realized what real preaching and pastoring is all about.

I have come to realize it is not my job to do the convicting but to preach the message that good Lord has given me. While preparing I should never think of personally attaching this message to one particular person or persons but instead just preach the message and let God do the work. I have also come to realize that I should never use the pulpit as a means of personally attacking people but instead I should use it as a means of “equipping the saints”.

I like the way the NIV puts that verse of equipping the saints, “It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up (Ephesians 4:11-12)

While it is true, we must preach the Gospel and that we must confront sin, let us remember that we should also learn to prepare people on how to deal with life, sin, situations and then even how to share their story about what Christ has done for them with others. Yes there is more to pastoring and preaching than what we have ever realized, may we take our job seriously above all else may we learn to love the people. For without love preaching and pastoring is worthless.

Wishing you a great day!!!

Loving you

Bro. Henry

Happy Valentines Day!!!

When I look back at Valentine’s Day, I remember the excitement that I felt as a child.  At school we would have a place where people would put their valentines for us and with excitment all of us would look to see who gave us a Valentine.  Even though those years have come and gone I still look at this day as exciting. 

Valentines Day reminds me of the greatest Valentine that was given to mankind and that is the love of God.  John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the World that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting Life.”

I know for many this day could be discouraging but may I encourage you to let you know that you are loved.  God loves you with all His heart and He is asking, “Will you be my Valentine?”  What will your answer be?

May you have a good day!!!

Loving you

Bro. Henry

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Feel a little discouraged, down or even orwhelmed? In my time of study and devotion I came across this poem by Helen Steiner Rice, may it bring you encouragement as it has done for me.—-Bro. Henry


Whevever I am troubled

and lost in deep despair

I bundle all my troubles up

and go to God in Prayer…

I tell Him I am heartsick

and lost and lonely, too,

That my mind is deeply burdened

and I don’t know what to do…

But I know He stilled the tempest

and calmed the angry sea

And I humbly ask if in His love

He’ll do the same for me…

And then I just keep quiet

and think only thoughts of Peace

And if I abide in stillness

my “restless murmurings” cease.

–Helen Steiner Rice


A Story So Powerful

There is a story of a young boy who came to his father one day and said, “Dad I want what is rightfully mine!!! I want my inheirtance.” These words broke the fathers heart but he willingly gave his son what he requested. The son left the only family that he knew to live his life his way.  At first everything seemed to be going good for the son but eventually he found himself without money and without hope. Knowing that he could never go back home, he found himself a job on a pig farm. He was so desparate that the slop, that he fed the pigs, looked inviting.  One day he came to the realiziation that his father’s servants are treated better than this so he decided that he would return home.  He rehearsed in his mind what he would say over and over again, “Dad I have sinned against heaven and in your sight, I am not worthy to be your servant but make me as one of your servants.”  As he came nearer to his father’s house, he saw as though someone was running to him.  “Who is this?” he thought.  As the figure came closer he realized that this was none other than his dad.   Fearing the worst, as he saw his father open up his arms, he closed his eyes but unexpectly the father grabbed his son, with tears in his eyes, embraced him.  The son not knowing what to make out of all this begins to give his father the speeach that he had planned all along. Before he could finish, the father calls for a servant to bring the best robe, a ring and sandals.  Through this act of kindness the father brings the son back into the family.

The story that you just read is not something new but it comes from Scripture. Luke 15:11-32, tells us the powerful story of the prodigal son. Why is this story so important?  The reason is because we all have been there.  Many of us might have went to the extremes of the prodigal son, living our life our way, only ending up in disaster. Feeling lost and without hope we do the only thing we can do and that is cry out to God. Expecting the worse, we find love and forgiveness instead.

It does not matter what has happen in your life, God loves you and is willing to forgive you. His love and forgiveness is unconditial. It is offered to you freely all you have to do is accept it.

May you have a blessed and wonderful day.  Praying for you


Pass It On

19“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit 20teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 NASB

There was this man and his wife who was in another country. Departing from that country they were told that they had to pay a tax for leaving. Digging in their pockets they took out all the money that was there but it was not enough. Afraid that they were stuck in this foreign land they began to plead for help but to no avail there was none.  When all hope seemed to be loss, a man that they did not even know came forward, paid the amount that they owed.  Looking at him they said, “Thank-you”. His reply was, “I had been there too but remember to pass it on”.  As they left that day, that man’s words stuck with them and from that moment on they did what the man requested through passing that act of kindness on.

Jesus too paid our debt and His only request when we accept Him as our Savior is to pass that on to others. Have you had a desire to want to see others come to know Christ or have you kept that knowledge to yourself.

May our hearts burn with passion to see the lost come to know Christ just as we did


Loving You

Henry Shelton

Matthew 28:19-20