A Story So Powerful

There is a story of a young boy who came to his father one day and said, “Dad I want what is rightfully mine!!! I want my inheirtance.” These words broke the fathers heart but he willingly gave his son what he requested. The son left the only family that he knew to live his life his way.  At first everything seemed to be going good for the son but eventually he found himself without money and without hope. Knowing that he could never go back home, he found himself a job on a pig farm. He was so desparate that the slop, that he fed the pigs, looked inviting.  One day he came to the realiziation that his father’s servants are treated better than this so he decided that he would return home.  He rehearsed in his mind what he would say over and over again, “Dad I have sinned against heaven and in your sight, I am not worthy to be your servant but make me as one of your servants.”  As he came nearer to his father’s house, he saw as though someone was running to him.  “Who is this?” he thought.  As the figure came closer he realized that this was none other than his dad.   Fearing the worst, as he saw his father open up his arms, he closed his eyes but unexpectly the father grabbed his son, with tears in his eyes, embraced him.  The son not knowing what to make out of all this begins to give his father the speeach that he had planned all along. Before he could finish, the father calls for a servant to bring the best robe, a ring and sandals.  Through this act of kindness the father brings the son back into the family.

The story that you just read is not something new but it comes from Scripture. Luke 15:11-32, tells us the powerful story of the prodigal son. Why is this story so important?  The reason is because we all have been there.  Many of us might have went to the extremes of the prodigal son, living our life our way, only ending up in disaster. Feeling lost and without hope we do the only thing we can do and that is cry out to God. Expecting the worse, we find love and forgiveness instead.

It does not matter what has happen in your life, God loves you and is willing to forgive you. His love and forgiveness is unconditional. It is offered to you freely all you have to do is accept it.


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