The Stubborn Mule

“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

A man’s mule wandered off his property. The man not knowing where he went started looking for the mule everywhere. Finally, he found his mule but noticed that he stumbled into a mud pit. The man thought to himself, “This will be easy all I need to do is to get a rope around his neck and than pull him out.” After putting the rope around the mule’s neck, the man began to pull but the mule would not budge. So he went to go get some of his friends to help and they all pulled but still the mule would not budge. The man tried to talk sweetly to the mule and than he tried shouting but it would not work for the mule was too stubborn to move. The mule would have rather stayed and wallow in the mud pit than to do the simple thing, and that would be just to walk out.

Just like this mule, we would rather wallow in our self-pity than learn to experience the joy that we could have in forgiving someone that has doing something to us. We would rather struggle with things that are going on in our life than asking for guidance and we would even choose to worry than trust God in His provisional care. Why do we do this? It is because we are stubborn, we want it our way and under our conditions. If only we could see that this kind of stubbornness will lead us in one direction and that will be to our destruction.

May we learn not to follow in the stubborn mules footsteps!!!

Love ya dearly

Bro. Henry

Refreshed and Revived

“He shall drink of the brook by the wayside; Therefore He shall lift up the head (he shall be refreshed).” Psalm 110:7 (explanation mine)

When I am thirsty, there is nothing more like a cool refreshing drink of water.  As I drink I feel a refreshing, a coolness throughout my body. As I finish my drink of water, my body feels revived and ready to go back at it again.

This is exactly how I feel when I spend time with the Lord. No matter how tough my day may have been or even if I had not even started out my day, I always walk away revived and refresh. The reason for this is because anyone who spends time in God’s presence can not help but feel strength and encouragement.

This morning, God wants to revive and refresh you will you allow Him to do so?

May God use you greatly today!!!


Praying for you


Bro. Henry

I’m Saved now what???

Been recently saved? You might be asking yourself, what is in store for me next where do I go from here. This blog is written to help you as begin your new life in Christ.

First one must follow the Lord in Baptism.  Why is Baptism important? Baptism is a picture of what Christ has done to you on the inside. By going under the water you picture being dead to sin and rising up out of the water you picture walking in newness of life. Baptism not only displays a picture of what Christ has done but also testifies that you have given your life over to Him completely.

Second get involved in Sunday School and church.  Sunday School and church is important for it helps teach you God’s Word and you are able to build relationships with other believers.  Also as one begins to faithfully attend, he/she will soon realize that he/she is not alone and others are going through similar problems. 

Third make time for God in prayer and Bible reading everyday.  Fellowship with God is very important if one is to maintain living a life that is pleasing to God.  Through Bible reading God reveals to you the things that you need to know that will help you grow in your faith and through prayer one is able to ask God for help to apply those things in one’s life

Fourth find a season mentor. In growing in one’s faith, everybody needs somebody that they can trust and go too. These mentors are people who have been following the Lord for a long time and are able to help, guide and direct one who is starting out.  These mentors can be found in church, in Sunday School or even can be led to you by God.

And fifth–never give up and never quit.  Living a life for God is not easy and it will be tough at times because their might be changes that one must have to make. But know this, that though living a life for God is tough it is also rewarding.  He is always there and will never leave you. You have a friend that will never betray or leave you, that friend is the one who saved you—Jesus Christ.


Love and praying for you all everyday


Bro. Henry