I Miss Mr. Henry

keep it simpleToday I wished a young lady who I taught in children’s church over 10 years a Happy Birthday. She responded with…Thank you Mr. Henry.  I have not heard Mr. Henry in a very long time because now most people either call me Bro. Henry , some Pastor Henry, even few Rev. Henry and some just Henry. To be honest, I have missed being called Mr. Henry.

The reason that Mr. Henry is so special to me, it reminds me when God gave me the opportunity to teach the kids not only about His Word but what church was all about. Those group of kids that would come faithfully saw something in me that I could not see in myself at that time–my calling as a minister. Now I am sure they did not understand all of that but they knew that I was their leader, “Mr. Henry”.

Teaching those wonderful kids was a beginning in me for it stirred the calling of God in me that He would use later in my life. None of those kids will probably really know how influential they all were in helping me become what I am today. I am so thankful to God for each one.

Yes I do miss Mr. Henry but I am thankful for those years that I was Him

Be encouraged today!!!!

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