Something Great Is Beginning To Happen

IMG_0224.PNGI was taught by my father in law many years ago about the power of faith. He told me once that if a person truly believed that anything is possible. As I think about that talk that we had sitting in his living room on a Friday night, I realize that is true.  Charlie was a man of deep conviction and faith and he always acted out on that faith.

As I look ahead at the future of our church, I truly believe that something great is beginning to happen. When I say that, I want you to realize that I am not trying to say that we as a church can sit back and wait to see what happens. Instead, I am saying that we must act out on that faith by stepping out. This is exactly what we will be doing in the weeks and months ahead. I am not expecting immediate results for I believe that what we do will take months or years before we see the effects. However, I do think you will see the results in the lives of our people as they step out in faith. The results I believe that you will see will be joy, unity, and happiness. The reason is because we as a body of believers are choosing to be obedient to our Lord by “going” and “reaching” others for His Kingdom. This in itself fills the believers with joy, unity and happiness.

I would like to encourage those who read this to pray for us as we go forward for the Lord.  Also, if you are not involved in a church, then come along with us. Maybe there might be some that are members of our congregation but have not attended in a while. Come on back and be apart of something great. God is good!!!!

All For The Kingdom Of Christ,

Bro. Henry Shelton

Matthew 28:19-20


Can’t Wait Till They Come

IMG_0227“And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23 ESV

There are many of churches who are struggling when it comes to attendance. For some reason or another it seems that people will not come. Why is that? I believe the reason is based on myths that we as a church have chosen to believe. Allow me to list a few of those myths here: 1. If we build it they will come, 2. If we have sound preaching, then they will come 3. If we change the music they will come 4. If we have fantastic programs they will come and 5. If we have younger leadership with a family then they will come.

While these myths sound factual, they are not for if we are putting our hope in this for people to come then it will not work. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that sound preaching is important and I believe it is important for churches to be open to some of the newer music. However, that alone will not cause people to come our church. A church can have the best preacher and the best music but still be empty.  So the question arises, what can we do?

I believe what we all as churches must realize is that we can’t wait for people to come to us, we must go to them. Jesus never meant for us to wait till people darken our doors, instead He always wanted us to go where the people are. Jesus illustrated this in the scripture mentioned above for this is exactly what He did. Jesus was always among the people, so should the church be also.

The more we outreach to people in our community, the more we will see the effect in our church over time. It will not be overnight, in fact it will take a long time. It might even take years. However, that does not really matter for if we are doing what we should be doing then in God’s time He will grow His church.  So what we as a church must choose to do is to be faithful to our Lord by reaching out to others just as He wants us to do.