Something Great Is Beginning To Happen

IMG_0224.PNGI was taught by my father in law many years ago about the power of faith. He told me once that if a person truly believed that anything is possible. As I think about that talk that we had sitting in his living room on a Friday night, I realize that is true.  Charlie was a man of deep conviction and faith and he always acted out on that faith.

As I look ahead at the future of our church, I truly believe that something great is beginning to happen. When I say that, I want you to realize that I am not trying to say that we as a church can sit back and wait to see what happens. Instead, I am saying that we must act out on that faith by stepping out. This is exactly what we will be doing in the weeks and months ahead. I am not expecting immediate results for I believe that what we do will take months or years before we see the effects. However, I do think you will see the results in the lives of our people as they step out in faith. The results I believe that you will see will be joy, unity, and happiness. The reason is because we as a body of believers are choosing to be obedient to our Lord by “going” and “reaching” others for His Kingdom. This in itself fills the believers with joy, unity and happiness.

I would like to encourage those who read this to pray for us as we go forward for the Lord.  Also, if you are not involved in a church, then come along with us. Maybe there might be some that are members of our congregation but have not attended in a while. Come on back and be apart of something great. God is good!!!!

All For The Kingdom Of Christ,

Bro. Henry Shelton

Matthew 28:19-20


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